Festivals & Events

Come stay with Paradise Cove during a time of celebration.  Anguilla's calendar of events is chock full of exciting happenings!  Around the major holidays and Summer Festival, you can experience Anguilla's boat races as part of your stay – an impressive sight unique to our island home. 

Anguilla's ultra-cool full-moon party, "Moonsplash," happens every March on Rendezvous Bay. Easter kicks-off our boat-racing season.  In Summer Festival the island is alive with costumes, parades and more boat racing, and our annual calendar typically includes a number of unusual events – from art festivals to turtle hatching. 

At Paradise Cove we can help arrange your holiday so that you experience the best of what our island has to offer.  As our guest, you can relax, plan ahead, or plan your day unrehearsed… impromptu decisions are nearly always possible here at our Paradise home.